Boundless Kids

Where Growth Begins

Boundless Kids is a 501C3 Not for Profit. It was founded on the idea that we have everything we need inside of ourselves to succeed and if we can teach our younger generations life skills such as setting and achieving personal goals, having a growth mindset, personal accountability, staying true to the commitments they make to themselves and to others, and being proactive rather than reactive they will be able to achieve more than they ever thought possible.


Boundless Kids Explained

Built into the core of our program is the ability to change your Child's perspective. To do that, we offer one-on-one coaching with your kids and a certified boundless kids coach, we expose them with other Boundless Kids to global thought leaders and give them access to a annual in-person camp in Colorado.

Goal Setting & Certified Coaching

We begin with our Kick-Start, the first step in our program. During this session, we guide kids in identifying their passions, strengths, and interests, culminating in a set of seasonal goals for the first 90 days. Following this, we conduct a mid-season check-in after six weeks to assess their progress and offer guidance to stay on track. The cycle then repeats with a reset for the next season.

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Seasonal Learning Series

As a part of the Boundless Kids program, your kid is invited to attend our Seasonal (4 times each year) Learning Series. During these series, your kid will join forces with all of the other Boundless Kids around the world on Zoom to learn from well-known thought-leaders like Verne Harnish, Barrett Ersek, and David Rendall just to name a few.

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Boundless Kids Camp

During our Boundless Kids camp, our kids will get to experience the Rocky Mountains during our 5-Night Adventure Camp. During our time together, we will reset our seasonal goals, have multiple learning series as well as experience all the traditional camp activities you have come to know and love like arts and crafts, blobbing, smores by the campfire, ghost stories, capture the flag, hiking, swimming, ziplines and so much more.

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Join us at Boundless Kids, where your family can embark on a captivating journey of self-improvement and growth. Together, we'll empower the leaders of tomorrow to create a brighter and more promising future. Let's explore, learn, and grow together!

Boundless Kids Partners

As a not-for-profit organization, we value the partnership of other organizations in our communities dedicated to improving the growth and character of kids.

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